Floor Grinder – Pioneer Companies

HG is one of the pioneer companies in the diamond disc technology industry for polishing and grinding marble, granite, concrete and any other floors.

HG is a world-wide specialized manufacturer of diamond tools for surfaces preparation and polished concrete.

In addition to manufacturing our specialized diamond tools, we have collaborated with some grinding and polishing machine manufacturers to develop HG machines that fix/use our diamond tools and accessories.

Contractors and construction companies all over the world are having a great deal of success with the various HG  solutions available.

Our company is determined to develop and improve continuously our products by investing time and resources in the research and development of new and improved technologies.

HG regularly offers free specialized training courses on the appropriate use of diamond tools for grinding, polishing and surface preparation.

We have enclosed some detailed literature of our product selection. If you require any further information or for any specific inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Floor Grinding & Polishing Machines

Professional Floor Grinding and Polishing machines for any kind of floor: marble, concrete, granite and more

Dust Extractor
High power vacuum cleaners, to suit your needs.Come and see the wide range of our products.

Single Disc Floor care Machines
Professional floor machines for Restoration, Maintenance, Polishing, Treatment any kind of floor

Special Machines
Visit the category of Specials machines, you’ll find the best machines to meet you needs!

Wood and HardWood Sanders Machines
Professional Sanders for Wood and Hardwood floors, countertops, small areas, corners and edges

Diamond Tools and Accessories
All of our discs are famous for incredible durability. We have one for every need, and kits for specific machine or surface.

Polishing Powders & Creams
Special Products for Polishing and Restoration of Marbles, Terrazzo, Granite, Mosaic, Palladiana, Gres and more

Special Products & Chemicals
Protecting, Maintenance, Improving the shine, Cleaning, Sealing, Waterproofing, anti-slipping and more

Professional Vacuum Cleaners
Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, collectors to vacuum large quantities of dust as: plaster, cement and more